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Tiret WatchesInterview with Daniel Lazar

24 de junho de 2020
Relógios & Relógios recently interviewed Daniel Lazar, founder of Tiret Watches, through the Zoom app.

The interview also included Carlo E. Naldi, Tiret distributor and Founder of Swiss Creative Lab, Watch Cellar's Carlos E. Tiburcio Ramos, partner and collaborator of Relógios & Relógios, and César Rovel, founder and editor of R&R.

Tiret Classiq Meteorite

Although Tiret produces Swiss Made watches, its headquarters are in New York, and it was from there that Daniel Lazar spoke to our team, in an interview mediated by Carlos E. Tiburcio Ramos, from Rio de Janeiro.

Tiret Classiq Auto Chrono

Before founding Tiret in 2004, Daniel Lazar was a co-founder of Jacob & Co, having been invited by Jacob Arabo, then known as "Jacob, the Jeweler". One of the first successes created by Lazar was the Five Time Zone.

Jacob & Co. Five Time Zone

In 2004 he created Tiret, with the objective of realizing his very particular vision of watchmaking, with the creation of unique design models, often extravagant, but always focusing on his customers, regardless of market trends.

Tiret Moments Full Diamond

Tiret's collections include Classiq, Auto Chrono, Gotham, Moments and Second Chance, which use ETA or Concepto movements.

Tiret Gotham Purple

Tiret Second Chance White MOP Diamond Splash